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Carlsberg Denmark

Probably the best floor in the world!

More than 20 years ago the Facility Management Department of Carlsberg ordered their first Acrydur® floor in one of the bottle fillings halls. Since then more than 15.000 sqm of Acrydur® floors have been laid all over the Carlsberg production areas in Valby, Denmark.

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Project Manager Niels Nielsen, Carlsberg A/S: From the very beginning we realised that the Acrydur® industrial floors, with organic stone, represented a breakthrough solution for tough production environments. Any break in production always causes downtime, reflecting a setback on the overall production bottom line. Naturally this caused a desire by us to end repairs as quickly as possible. Acrydur® proved to meet our demands as to physical- as well as mechanical demands. More important though was the ability to maintain our 24 hour production at the same time as repairing the floors. The repairs are done on Saturday and Sunday mornings without any interruptions at all. The very fast curing time and very high hygiene properties of Acrydur® introduced previously unheard of working parameters. The surface of Acrydur® is unaffected by attacks from bacteria and all varieties of cleaning products, meaning the ability to withstand wear and tear is immense.

The demand for proper foundation is paramount
Niels Nielsen: Before we started using Acrydur®, we have had a couple of incidents, where the floors did not live up to our expectations. In both cases we realised, that the problem derived from an inappropriate foundation. This is not new to us at all, because in most cases during life it is the quality of the basics that determine the quality of the end result. Flooring is no exception to this. Consequently our first flooring problems have been eliminated simply by assuring a proper foundation.

Carlsberg – one of the world’s foremost beer production centres - is closing down its operations in Valby, and is relocating to Western Denmark.
All facilities on the 35 acre area, with a history unparalleled in the world, is closing down and is moving to the other end of Denmark.The number one art contributor of all times in Denmark, Mr. C.J. Jacobsen and, later his son Carl Jacobsen. built a complete community within the village of Valby, a suburb to Copenhagen. These premises, probably the most comprehensive brewery facilities in the world, is now abandoned, giving space for other means of use.

A competition among city planners and architects will reveal new ideas in the near future. Underneath the hills of Valby, huge halls with huge tanks have housed the Carlsberg beer which include 7-12 kilometres of tunnels and hundreds of kilometres of pipe. The exact length of the tunnels is not known as the tunnels many places widens out to be huge underground halls. Before present day refrigeration cooling the tanks in Summer was solved by using ice which had broken at sea in the winter. If the winters in Denmark weren’t cold enough, vessels from the Baltics would cut the ice and transported it to Copenhagen to be stored in cages beneath the earth. The ice was placed on top of the tanks to cool the beer below. Up until recently the facility housed the worlds biggest collection of beer bottles –17.000 unopened bottles, which can now to be seen at the Carlsberg Visiting Centre. 

The very impressive private residence of Mr. C. J. Jacobsen is still maintained in its original form. Amongst the many celebrities who visited the facilities, is Mr. Louis Pasteur, who learnt the ‘long way’ on a trip from France to Denmark only to learn about the amazing fertilisation results achieved by Mr. Jacobsen, which contributed to the beers unique flavour. After World War II the mansion was offered as a residence for Danish scientists including atomic physician and Nobel Price winner Mr. Niels Bohr.

At Ulfcar®, we are proud to have been subcontractor to Carlsberg for more than 20 years.
To have the confidence of one of the worlds foremost brewers and to have delivered its flooring systems over a great number of years is a privilege, which we appreciate very much. As Niels Nielsen states in the beginning of this article – the quality of the Acrydur® product and its reliability is essential. This gives us confidence in our ability to deliver solutions for demanding industrial situations all over the world. - Probably the best floorings in the world!


  • Floortype: Acrydur® 
  • Place: Valby, Denmark
  • Type of environment: Production


  • Weatherproof & UV resistent
  • Nonslip finish
  • Seamless and flexible finish
  • Damp proof membrane layer
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Fast installation
  • Curing down to -30°C
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Extremely durable

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