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Klostermark School Roskilde

"Ulfcar Polycrete Comfort scores straight A’s in school"

(Bertil Bue Brorfelde, Technical Services Manager, Klostermark School in Roskilde)

The Klostermark School in Roskilde was designed by Henning Larsen in 1960 and welcomed its first students in 1963.

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Although both the adults and the students have taken good care of their beautiful school, the passing of time still ravaged the concrete and roof hanging. The school was subsequently renovated, and by 2015 the buildings were once again ready to host its students after a thorough rebuilding, where the floors were naturally renewed.

The school area is approximately 8,000 m2. Linoleum was chosen for one half and Ulfcar Polycrete SL Comfort on the remaining 4,000 m2. Today - already 2½ years after - there are clear differences in how the two floor types have met the challenges that the school's nearly 700 students expose them to on a daily basis.

No joints - no problems
Klostermark School has its challenges with the linoleum floors that can hardly withstand the tough tests that students expose them to every day.

As Bertil Bue Brorfelde, a technical service manager at the school, says, one of the problems is that the joints of the linoleum open. Then, dirt and bugs get in them, and the joints release from the ground. For that same reason, 1,200 meters of flooring adhesive has just been replaced.

- That doesn’t happen with the Ulfcar floor, which is a joint free floor that is laid out as one homogenous surface. Given the opportunity to choose today, we would undoubtedly choose Ulfcar’s Comfort floors for the whole school, says Bertil Bue Brorfelde.

Long live the PUR floors
Based on the condition of Klostermark School’s linoleum floors, 2½ years after they are laid, Bertil Bue Brorfelde estimates that the school's linoleum flooring has a life span of 15 years.

- Being a school floor is a tough thing. No one really cares about how they treat them, and they really do take a beating every day - especially in the winter when the students come directly from the outside wearing big boots with sand and gravel on the soles.

- In this regard, Ulfcar Comfort Floors actually still seem new, with very few signs of wear that one must look out for to actually notice. So I estimate that these floors have about twice as long a life expectancy, that is, about 30 years.

Bertil Bue Brorfelde further explains that the Ulfcar floors are also resistant when various heavy things are pushed around on them. These may include table tennis tables or mobile walls.



Endures maintenance and cleaning every day
The cleaning of a school is intensive. There are many children and many feet in a school, and there is no going easy. Here too, the two floor types perform very differently. During the winter season cleaning is especially intensive. The children trample directly through in shoes and boots covered in snow, and the soles leave salt and gravel. This leaves marks when the water evaporates. The Ulfcar floors can be immediately dried with a mop that pushes away dirt and salt grains but the linoleum floors are harder to get clean.

- The dirt almost seems to stick to them, says Bertil Bue Brorfelde.

Comfortable and silencing floors
Everyone knows that there is quite a lot of noise in a school - especially in the hallways. Here too, Ulfcar is best in class.

- You can clearly sense the different acoustic in the floors that are coated with Ulfcar Comfort. They seem soft and the sound is dampened; there’s not the same amount of noise when the students fill the hallways.

-All in all, I have nothing but praise for Ulfcar Polycrete floors in school settings. Without reservation, I will give the floors well-deserved A’s in all disciplines, concludes Bertil Bue Brorfelde from the Klostermark School.



  • Floortype: Polycrete® 
  • Place: Roskilde, Denmark
  • Type of environment: School


  • Noise and shock absorbing
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Resist 80°C. water temperatures
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Seamless and hygienic finish
  • Easy to clean and sterilise
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low odour during installation.

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