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Rolls Royce Norway

The Rolls Royce of floors is also the Floor of Rolls Royce!

When Rolls Royce Marine needed to renovate their facilities, they called upon Ulfcar®.

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In one of the most scenic parts of the norwegian landscape, Rolls Royce Marine produces Heavy Duty Equip-ment for the oil and marine industry. Like the famous cars of same name, proud craftsmanship combined with the latest technology is put into the production of special submarines and gigantic ship propellas. The requirements from the production explains why this is not your average production floor. Due to the extremely heavy loads passed to the floor, the engineers had to design a very special floor build up. Special heavy load steel bars was installed every 1 meter through the production area to absorb the weight of the special submarines produced here, each exessing a weight of more than 20 tons per unit, covering only a space of 4 sqm. Naturally a tough challenge for any floor construction, so Ulfcar® therefore decided together with the engineering office at site to install Acrydur® Industry in between the steel bars so the massive load still is supported. Because of the high flexability and durabillity of the Acrydur® Industry system, no cracking or spalling occurs between the steel bars and the Acrydur® Industry system during production.

Starting from a block of metal, the specialists from Rolls Royce transforms this into a propella with a diameter of 8 meter. Naturally all hand made.

20 tons of hi-tech submarine equipment, at less tha 4 m2 of space.

Afterservice repair shop covers an area of more than 3.000 m2

Aftermarked Workshop Manager Geir Sunddal explains:" Our customers require 24 hour service from our side. When a bulk carrier or a passenger ship looses or damage its propella, time is money. We must be able to respond immidiately, and hence to this we need production facilities that can live up to this. The floor is an essential part of our capability to produce and therefore we can only accept the absolute best the marked can offer. We have now installed more than 3.000 m2 of Acrydur® Industry, and so far we have been absolutely satisfied with the quality of the system.We have had some minor repairworks made, and thank to the very fast curing of the Acrydur system, this has no influence on our production schedule".


About Rolls Royce Marine
Rolls Royce Marine, the former Ulstein Yard, is located on the island Ulsteinvik, close to Aalesund, Norway. Strategically placed with direct acces to the North Sea, the yard produces equipment for the oil and marine industry. More than 2.000 people works on the site, which makes it the largest employer by far in the region. Due to the take over of Rolls Royce in the year 2001, a renovation process was initiated to bring the facility up to the highest possible production standard. The engineers expects to complete the renovation proces in 2008, making this the most modern production of its kind in the world.

We know the solutions…
With more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture and application of resin based surface materials, Ulfcar is renowned as one of the leading experts in this field. Our knowledge will provide tailor made solutions to meet specific needs. With our latest updates in technology based on epoxy, polyurethane and MMA resins, we can guarantee that your result will be  prescribed to the ultimate of what can be achieved.


  • FACTS Floortype: Acrydur® Industry
  • Year: 2005
  • Total sqm.: 3.000 sqm
  • Place: Rolls Royce Marine, Norway
  • Type of enviroment: Heavy industry
  • Colour: UI 40



  • Weatherproof & UV resistent
  • Nonslip finish
  • Seamless and flexible finish
  • Damp proof membrane layer
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Fast installation
  • Curing down to -30°C
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Extremely durable

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