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The Great Belt Bridge Denmark

Waterproven quality

After 20 years of service the ACRYDUR® membrane on the largest bridge in the world is still in "as new" condition.

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When assessing the construction of one of the worlds longest bridges, no one would question that every material used would be of the best quality money could provide. Considering the requirements for durability, strength and resistance towards wear and tear, there's no place for anything other than the best.

About the Great Belt Bridge
Two bridges and a tunnel forms the 18 km long connection across the Great Belt in Denmark. The work was carried out between 1988-1998. The total cost of the project was EURO 3.0 billion  (1988 prices). The project was handled by COWI Engineering, one of the worlds leading experts in bridge construction. The project is one of the largest engineering projects in recent years in Denmark and the suppliers for this prestigious project had to fulfil the most demanding specifications.

During the installation moving tent equipment ensured production regardless weather conditions.

Preparation of the concrete was carried out using shotblasting equipment.

Acrydur® Bridge applied by trowel. It is also possible to install using broadcasting technique.


Following the 20 year service survey of The Great Belt Bridge in Denmark, the Danish engineering company concluded that the 30.000m2 of Acrydur® Bridge system installed was in the same condition as it was when first installed in 1995. COWI Project Manager Jorn Blumensen, who has much experience with Acrydur® system from previous projects around he world was not surprised: "I have used the ACRYDUR® BRIDGE system in 5-6 different projects with same result. The MMA based products are very suitable in this type of environment. The performance of the material is not affected by cold or heat, and the UV breakdown is very slow, so the life time expectancy is approx. 40 years. The service costs to maintain the functionallity is very low, as a matter of fact we have not spend anything on the Great Belt Bridge so far". This is also why, COWI has specified ACRYDUR® coatings for the Stonecutter Bridge  in Hong Kong as well as the Medina Bridge in Italy.

The Acrydur® Bridge systems ranges from a 2 mm smooth flexible protective coating for concrete and metal, up to a 10 mm antislip system mixed with hard aggregates to perform a very durable surface for the traffic.

We know the solutions…
With more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture and application of resin based surface materials, Ulfcar® is renowned as one of the leading experts in this field. Our knowledge will provide tailor made solutions to meet specific needs. With our latest updates in technology based on epoxy, polyurethane and MMA resins, we can guarantee that your result will be  prescribed to the ultimate of what can be achieved.


  • FACTS Floortype: Acrydur® Bridge
  • Year: 1995
  • Total sqm.: 30.000 sqm
  • Place: Great Belt Bridge, Denmark
  • Type of enviroment: Concrete bridge construction
  • Colour: UI 116



  • Weatherproof & UV resistent
  • Nonslip finish
  • Seamless and flexible finish
  • Damp proof membrane layer
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Fast installation
  • Curing down to -30°C
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Extremely durable

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