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Highly flexible UV resistant balcony membrane system

Good news for those with a balcony

Using new MMA technology, Ulfcar® now offers a flooring system specifically developed for balconies and other outdoor areas.

Balconies are typically small outdoor areas, which prior to the new Ulfcar® system, suffered a number of problems during installation. If, for instance, a PU product was used, it would take a very long time to cure. This was a problem for the contractor as well as the customer, as the work could not be concluded in one day. Using the Acrydur® Flex system curing takes only a few hours. 

Due to the fact that this system is based on MMA technology, you will have the advantages of rapid curing, the benefits of flexibility and UV stability towards sunlight. Among the many other MMA benefits. 

On top of this, Acrydur® Flex is completely unaffected by salt. The surface can range from smooth to very aggressive,  all depending on customer’s choice. The system can be laid in one day, and due to the fact that MMA will cure regardless of air temperature, the work can be carried out at any temperature. Acrydur® Flex can be installed directly on concrete floors, or on a special rubber subfloor, to absorb noise and vibrations.

Acrydur® Flex is avaible in 16 standard colours, allthough special colours can be produced by request.

Ulfcar® recently delivered 10.000m2 Acrydur® Décor to FantasyWorld, the largest indoor playground in Europe. The work was concluded in only 10 days.

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