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Ulfcar® ready to take on the future:

We are introducing the strongest range of seamless floors to the market

World leading flooring technology
Ulfcar® International holds a leading position in Europe within resin based floors with its registered trademarks, Acrydur®, Polycrete®, and Epofloor®. Many attempts have been made to  exploit the good reputation which our products enjoy in order to increase the credibility of our competitors' products - a situation which we, naturally, find unsatisfactory. Only original Ulfcar® products, laid by professional, certified Ulfcar® personnel, can ensure our customers the highest quality within flooring today.

The Ulfcar® Staff
In the next few years, we plan to strengthen and further develop our range of products and services to  improve the competitive edge that we already enjoy. Through continued research and staff-training programmes, we aim at combining technological development with an extremely high level of service, all of which will be maintained and guaranteed with strong and competent support staff. We plan to launch a number of supplementary products to the Ulfcar® range. 

Have a Coke and a smile...

Faultless hygiene standards were demanded by Coca Cola for the floors of their new production plants in Denmark and Sweden. The floors also had to be rugged enough to withstand the intense traffic of 24hr shifts. Acrydur® was chosen in Sweden, while the Danish plant chose Epofloor®, both solutions were chosen specifically to  satisfy specified local requirements. 

The point: Ulfcar® was able to deliver!

When picking a seamless floor, the choice is easy: Ulfcar®!

Thoroughly trained Ulfcar® staff are available to give advice on the correct choice of floor - the first choice being to ascertain your expectations.

Once the floor has been laid, it is too late to have any regrets. Seeking advice and guidance from an Ulfcar® expert is therefore an essential first step. The time spent analysing the needs and demands the floor needs to fulfill, is recovered many times over. This page will give you a brief description of the most popular Ulfcar® products.

To obtain perfect results, Ulfcar® works only with certified floor layers trained in the correct floor laying techniques. That's why we can guarantee the same unique and uniform result all over the world!


Ulfcar® Premium floors are more expensive than our other alternatives, but have often proved to be the most economical solution when considering the reduced long term maintenance costs with the initial investment. Customers who want the longest product lifetime should choose Ulfcar® Premium floors.


Ulfcar® Basic floors are quality flooring systems, that will satisfy most demands in the various categories. The floors have an expected lifetime of 10-15 years, but you should factor in  additional maintenance costs over the closing years of its lifetime. In normal working conditions with normal or little aggressive impact, Ulfcar® Basic is your solution.


Ulfcar® Economy floors are our most cost effective alternative in every category. Customers who want low cost flooring solutions which will satisfy specific demands over a short time period, normally 1-3 years, should choose an economy floor. Ulfcar® Economy is also chosen in production areas where constant renewals of production processes requires upgrading of the floors on a regular basis.

World leading flooring technology

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