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Park decks

No matter which car you drive, you will never drage us behind


  • Weatherproof & UV resistent
  • Nonslip finish
  • Seamless and flexible finish
  • Damp proof membrane layer
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Fast installation
  • Curing down to -30°C
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Extremely durable

No loose gravel should be revealed from the floor of the parking lot, when you turn the wheels on your still standing 2 ton vehicle. Strangely enough the floor on many parking lots often possess the same characteristics as a highway does, which is not exactly what a floor of a parking lot needs. The slow but intense traffic causes the tyres to squeeze the surface, ripping pieces of it off. But not on an Ulfcar® solution, because all materials are integrated into one firm, solid unit. As an extra bonus Ulfcar® flooring looks nice underlining the rows of the many modern automobiles of today.

- and we know the solutions…
With more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture and application of resin based surface materials, Ulfcar® is renowned as one of the leading experts in this field. Our knowledge will provide tailor made solutions to meet specific needs. With our latest updates in technology based on epoxy, polyurethane and MMA resins, we can guarantee that your result will be prescribed to the ultimate of what can be achieved.

Ulfcar® Epowall coating and covings.

Large areas can be installed seamless and very fast. Even in freezing temperatures..

Colours and surface structure must be carefully selected to create the highest standard of safety in indoor driving.

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