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Acrydur® Bridge

3-component acrylic flooring system

Acrydur® Bridge 6 - 10 mm is ideal for indoor and outdoor areas, which are subject to extremely heavy mechanical charges, and is therefore used for road bridges, parking decks, driving ramps, loading areas, indoor industrial areas with exceptionally heavy charges, or other places where a floor with extremely high resistance to wear and strokes is required.

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  • Weatherproof & UV resistent
  • Nonslip finish
  • Seamless and flexible finish
  • Damp proof membrane layer
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Fast installation
  • Curing down to -30°C
  • Low maintenance cost.

Acrydur® Bridge is a rough singlecoloured bridge covering system.

Life Expectancy
10 - 20 years.


System datasheet

For all types of exterior use and extremely heavy loaded industrial floors, in combination with high demands to flexibility. Acrydur® Bridge offers high wearability, impact and chemical resistant. The very fast curing of Acrydur® Bridge means, that eventual traffic blocking time is minimized while installing the system.

Application conditions:
Temperature -30ºC to 30ºC, best 15 to 25ºC, max. moisture content in the concrete subfloor 5% by weight.

Temperature Resistance:
Acrydur® Bridge is resistant to temperature cycles up to 80°C. Extended periods at these temperatures and above will make material susceptible to chemical attack and abrasion wear.

Slip resistance:
Acrydur® Bridge appears slip resistant. The skidresistance might be varied from moderate to pronounced.


Limited, ask ULFCAR.

Acrydur® Bridge
3-component acrylic flooring system

Resistant to chemicalsSmooth-or-   NonslipChock
Fast curingWatertight Colour 
 Neutral oder and VOC free

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EN 13813 SR-B1,5-AR1-IR4
Synthetic resin screed for internal uses

Fire behavior: Dfl
Release of corrosive substances: SR
Water permeability: NPD
Wear resistance: AR1
Bond strength: B1,5
Impact resistance: IR4
Impact sound insulation: NPD
Sound absorption: NPD
Heat insulation: NP

Technical data

Fully cured @ 20°C24 hours
Applied thickness4 - 6 mm
Water PermeabilityNil – Karsten test (impermeable)
Hardness SHORE D 80
Compressive strength85 MPa
Reaction to fire Dfl-s1
Bond strength >1.5 MPa
Temperature resistance Up to 80°C at 4 mm
Thermal expansion coefficient <40 ppm
Abrasion resistance50 mg / 1000 cycles (Taber Abrader)
Thermal conductivity< 0,8 W/m·K
Slip resistanceR9 – R13
Food ContactNo contamination

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