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ULFCAR Acrydur® is a seamless resinbased floor with quite unique properties. During the past 30 years ULFCAR Acrydur® has become the state-of-the-art resin flooring all over the world. The popularity is due to the fact, that ULFCAR Acrydur® is hardwearing, flexible and resistant to a wide range of chemicals, thanks to the unique characteristic of the acrylic binder. ULFCAR Acrydur® floors can be made in as many attractive colours as you want. Surface textures range from smooth to slip resistant. ULFCAR Acrydur® is laid in large seamless areas without any risk of cracking or spalling. Special designs can be applicated according the individual company’s wishes for special effects like build-in names and logos.

Curing time 2 hours

One of the most important features by ULFCAR Acrydur® is the short curing time. After two hours the floor can withstand maximum wear. ULFCAR Acrydur® can be applied in thin layers - as well as thick - corresponding to the wear and traffic on site. ULFCAR Acrydur® flooring is reckognised by thousands of end-users, architects and consulting engineers to solve flooring problems for a wide range of industries within sectors of - for instance foodprocessing, health, shipping, energy, electronics, printing and transportation.

Acrydur® system overview:

Acrydur® Bridge

Used in internal and external environments, which are exposed to extreme industrial loads. Therefore used on road bridges, loading ramps, loading areas, decks of ships, car-park floors, indoors in exceptionally tough industrial environments, or in other places where an extremely durable and impact-resistant floor surface is required.

Acrydur® Industry

Used in areas exposed to heavy industrial loads such as truck areas and loading areas in, for example, slaughterhouses, dairies, fish and other food processing plants and in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Acrydur® Standard

Used in areas where there is moderate industrial loading such as bakeries, large kitchens, breweries and other general production areas with normal loads.

Acrydur® Top floor

Used in areas where durability and dust free surfaces are required, such as workshops, storage areas etc. Also used in the refurbishment of older Acrydur coverings.

Acrydur® Topcoat

Used in areas, which must be dust free and easy to clean, such as warehouses and archives.

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