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Limitations as to strength: None

ULFCAR Epofloor® is a comprehensive series of industrial floors, the finish of which can be adapted to most specific needs.

The ULFCAR Epofloor® is a 2-component epoxy resin seamless floor with excellent chemical resistance and very high compressive strength.

The surface ranges from an even, slick surface to rugged non-skid design.

Antistatic skills and ESD capabilities are also features to consider with ULFCAR Epofloor®. 

Apart from the complying for heavy machinery and tough traffic, the ULFCAR Epofloor® also looks nice and is convenient to dust - important not least in hygiene demanding foodprocessing environments.

Many people claim to have achieved relief to their backproblems, due to the softer surface to walk on. ULFCAR Epofloor® is ideal in all environments - from the productions line with hard wear and tear to the sophisticated, representative sales set-up deco - and gives a homogeneous even, overall impression of high professional esteem to any environment.

Epofloor® system overview:

Epofloor® Industry

Used in heavy industrial environments where there exists, at the same time, the need for ease of cleaning, skid-resistant surfaces and hygiene, such as slaughterhouses and other food processing industries, breweries, the chemical industry and general industrial production.

Epofloor® Compact

Used in normal industrial environments where durability, impact and chemical resistance are required. The floor is very easy to clean and is therefore chosen in industrial production, the food processing industries, chemical production etc.

Epofloor® Topfloor

Used in areas where ease of cleaning, dust free surfaces and durability are prioritised such as workshops, storage areas exhibition areas, laboratories, canteens, pedestrian areas and bathing and changing areas. Also used in the refurbishment of older Epofloor coverings.

Epofloor® Topcoat

Used in areas such as warehouses and archives, which must be dust free and easy to clean.

Epofloor® Structure

Used in areas where decorative surfaces and a presentable working environment are required. Available in countless colour combinations and is therefore popular for exhibition areas, showrooms, shops, entrance areas etc.

Epofloor® Terrazzo

Epofloor® Terrazzo brings new performances to the traditional terrazzo floorings. Due to its massive structure it has exellent cleaning properties and is therefore very suitable in heavy duty surroundings as airports, supermarkets, railway stations.

Epofloor® Aqua

Can be laid on wet surfaces irrespective of the moisture content in the underlay, for example, new concrete flooring and external areas. Can also be laid on surfaces where pressure equalisation from the influence of vapour, for example in cellars and magnesite-bonded floors, must be ensured.

Epofloor® Dustbinder

Used as a dust binder/sealing agent with newly laid concrete flooring, giving a dirt-resistant and easy-to-clean surface.

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