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Polycoat® WW

High Performance Tanking and Lining Membrane

ULFCAR® Polycoat WW is a two component, seamless liquid system based on polyurethane and polyisocyanate to produce coatings with high durability and outstanding physical properties. Polycrete WW forms a tough, flexible coating especially suited to applications where abrasion and chemical resistance are required.

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  • Resistant to waste water, chemical and mineral pollutants.
  • Excellent weathering and UV resistance.
  • Excellent chemical, abrasion and impact resistance. 
  • Two component colour coded system for on-side homogenous mix. 
  • Liquid membrane accommodates difficult shapes and profiles. 
  • Solvent free and easy to apply in confined areas.
  • Seamless liquid applied membrane with low gas permeability.
  • High bond strength to a variety of substrates.

Areas of application:
A membrane to retain, exclude or protect from water, oils, fuels and many aggressive chemicals in the following applications:

• Storage Tanks
• Silos
• Silage Units
• Bund Linings for Groundwater Protection
• Internal Lining of Sewerage Tankers
• Sewage & Sludge Tanks
• Sewage Manholes

System datasheet

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Joint filling for vertical, horizontal, transverse and longitudinal joints.


The product is colourless


Resistant to
Neutral oder
and VOC free
Fast curing  

Ulfcar Production Aps
Tværvejen 15
DK-5580 Nørre Aaby

EN 13813 SR-B1,5-AR1-IR4
Synthetic resin screed for internal uses

Fire behavior: Bfl
Release of corrosive substances: SR
Water permeability: NPD
Wear resistance: AR1
Bond strength: B1,5
Impact resistance: IR4
Impact sound insulation: NPD
Sound absorption: NPD
Heat insulation: NPD

Technical data

Fully cured @ 20°C4 days
Applied thickness1,5-2 mm
Water PermeabilityNil –Karsten test (impermeable)
Hardness SHOREA 60
Compressive strength17 MPa
Reaction to fire Bfl - s1
Bond strength >1.5 MPa
Temperature resistance up to 80°C at 4 mm
Thermal expansion coefficient <38 ppm
Abrasion resistance50 mg / 1000 cycles (Taber Abrader)
Thermal conductivity< 0.6 W/m·K
Slip resistanceR9-R13
Food ContactNo contamination

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