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When ability to withstand assignment regardless of the ballast - and when economy comes second to the demands - then you should choose Ulfcar® Polycrete as your seamless floor.

Ulfcar® Polycrete is resistant to all kinds of traffic - trucks, sharp edges, boxes pushed around, steelbars - whatever. 

Ulfcar® Polycrete is also resistant to chemicals of any kind, and has a unique ability to withstand pressure washing and steam cleaning up to 130°C!

In several countries Ulfcar® Polycrete harvest recognition especially in slaughterhouses, bakeries, dairies etc. where high production demands certainly not corresponds to frequent problems from the flooring.

Ulfcar® Polycrete flooring for ESD floorings, thin coating and other special demands are available.

Polycrete® system overview:

Polycrete® HF

Used in areas exposed to very heavy industrial and chemical loads, such as diaries, slaughterhouses, smoked food houses, ovens, and generally in the food processing industry, where steam cleaning is used.

Polycrete® MD

Used in areas such as industrial kitchens, slaughterhouses, dairies, bakeries, breweries, medical product manufacture etc., which are exposed to industrial and chemical influences.

Polycrete® MF

Tekst til denne kommer

Polycrete® TC

Used in ordinary industrial environments where durability and high chemical and impact resistance is required. Pedestrian friendly, absorbing both shock and sound, and thus used in laboratories, electronic companies, hospitals, etc.

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