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Ulfcar® Base

Start when the base is on top! 
Not before

No matter how high a quality you put into the seamless flooring - it will not last, as long as the basics are not corresponding to the same standards.

Ulfcar® Base secures a top quality result, regardless of which material you choose as top coating.

Ulfcar® Base is the perfect choice for unheated, chemicalfree storage rooms as a seamless, slick top coat to replace ordinary concrete with a smooth, nice surface.

Ulfcar Base® is ideal in building/up and levelling old, worn-out floors.

A version of the Ulfcar Base® is leightweight - less than 1 gr. per ccm. among others for maritime tasks to optimise the payload and minimise the transportation of dead weight.

After only two hours Ulfcar Base® is ready for further activities on the site.

Ulfcar® Base system overview:

Ulfcar Base® SL

Used for levelling existing concrete floors as an underlay for Ulfcar´s synthetic coverings. Can also be used as a final cemented, wearing-surface in, for example, warehouses and factories, where there are no special hygiene requirements.

Ulfcar Base® TM

Used in connection with slope building of existing concrete floors as an underlay for Ulfcar's polymer coverings.

Ulfcar Base® LW

Used in levelling constructions, where light materials are required. Ulfcar Base LW has a specific gravity of less than 1.00 g/cm3, and can therefore be successfully used in shipbuilding and other maritime industries.

Ulfcar Base® HD

Used in the food industry and the mechanical industry where very high mechanical resistance is demanded. Also an economic solution for the renovation of existing concrete floors.

Ulfcar Base® MS

A perfect solution in dry industries such as car-, electronic-, paper-, tobacco-, glass production areas. Ulfcar Base MS offers a very high mechanical and chemical resistance.

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