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Application conditions for ULFCAR® floors

To ensure a high quality installation, certain conditions need to be fulfilled:

The complete surface has to be prepared as described in technical data sheet.

Good lighting from above is necessary for a good application.

Electricity (220-380 v) and airventilation must be present near by the installation zone.

For best performance we recommend that the complete surface is covered in one single time. If not, the floor will appear with visible construction joints. Therefore it is very importent to plan the installation process beforehand.

The surface must be easily accessible for the applicators, their machineries and materials. If it is necessary to deliver materials beforehand, then this must be possible.

Correctly stored 
The materials must be stored correctly according to the joined documents. The materials must be stored at room temperature (approxymately 18°C) The materials will be left in the sole responsibility of the customer.

The surface must be accessible 24 hours a day for the applicators during the installation process.

Possible obstacles like narrow corridors, stairs, small and narrow elevators, ... must be reported beforehand.

Open fire, grinding- and welding activities are forbidden nearby areas where Ulfcar® floors are being applied.

If one of these conditions is not fulfilled, this can lead to a minor quality for the work performed.

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