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ULFCAR® Colour Design

Ulfcar® Colour Design is a range of flooring systems, made from coloured flakes.

Ulfcar® Colour Design floor systems provides flooring systems with medium durability and resistance towards mechanical and chemical impact. The floorings can be made smooth or antiskid according to requirements and is therefore suitable in areas where easy cleaning and dust free surfaces are required such as exhibition areas, laboratories, hospitals, pedestrian areas, bathing and changing areas.

Ulfcar®Colour Design is available in the following systems:
Acrydur® Topfloor
Acrydur® Topcoat
Epofloor® Topfloor
Epofloor® Topcoat

UI 710A

UI 710B

UI 710C

UI 710D

UI 711A

UI 711B

UI 711C

UI 711D

UI 712B

UI 712C

UI 712D

UI 713A

UI 713B

UI 713C

UI 713D

UI 714A

UI 714B

UI 714C

UI 714D

UI 715A

UI 715B

UI 715C

UI 715D

UI 716A

UI 716B

UI 716C

UI 716D

UI 717A

UI 717B

UI 717C

UI 717D

UI 718A

UI 718B

UI 718C

UI 718D

UI 719A

UI 719B

UI 719C

UI 719D

UI 720A

UI 720B

UI 720C

UI 720D

UI 722B

UI 722D

UI 723C

UI 723E

UI 724A

UI 724B

UI 724C

UI 724D

UI 725A

UI 725B

UI 725C

UI 725D

UI 726A

UI 726B

UI 726C

UI 726D

UI 727A

UI 727B

UI 727C

UI 727D

UI 728A

UI 728B

UI 728C

UI 728D

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