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Specifiers guide

Specifying the correct floor system, is a complex decision balancing present and future loads against economy and time.

A well specified floor system will lead to a brighter, cleaner and more safe and efficient working environment, where as a wrong specification can lead to personal injuries, lost production and increased maintenance costs.

Before you can choose your flooring system, some important factors must be considered: What is the life expectancy from your floor system? Is the floor thickness according to the future load? Any spillage of chemicals? What is maximum allowed down time period etc? The more detailed the future process flow can be specified, the better Ulfcar® can recommend a perfect floor solution. Therefore, the process of projecting is crucial to obtain a successful installation, and should as a minimum contain:

  • Expected performance demands 
  • Detailed process flow 
  • Lifetime expectancy 
  • Chemical loads 
  • Mechanical loads 
  • Economical considerations

As a guideline in the phase of projecting, we have developed a classification of the different flooring systems, to help you even more detailed to optimise your flooring choice. We offer three different levels of flooring systems: Ulfcar® Premium, the best alternative in a given category, Ulfcar® Basic, which will cover the most needs in a given category and finally Ulfcar® Economy, our most price competitive alternative in a given category.

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