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Chemical Resistance list

Resistance to chemicals

  • The resistance list must only serve as guidance.
    The chemical resistance has been determined by a method conforming to DIN 53472.
    Tests have been carried out by +23° C.
    Higher temperatures will increase the chemical impact significantly.
  • More chemicals at the same time will also increase the impact.
  • Additional tests should be carried out if there is reasonable doubt.

+ Resistant
No changes after 4 weeks

0 Slight surface attack
Short-term exposure is possible (1-4 hours). By longer exposure the layer will be damaged.

- Not resistant
Even short-term exposure is damaging. 

The resistance should always be read from the column layer if available. This is due to the fact that chemicals and especially organic compounds by long term exposure can penetrate the topcoat by diffusion. This process depends on the thickness of the topcoat layer, however long term resistance is not reachable if the layer is not resistant.

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