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Performance criterias

Ask yourselves some performance criteria questions:

  • How important is it that the floor is antislip – and how much? 

  • How often is the surfaced cleaned – and what is the temperature? 

  • Is chemicals a part of the production process? 

  • How long time can be allowed for maintenance work?

With more than 50 years
With reference to more than 50 years of experience and the most comprehensive product program on the market today, Ulfcar will be able to recommend you a floor system, that will succeed any specification in question, so you will be able to enjoy your investment many years to come – guaranteed!


Fire tested
All Ulfcar® floors have been tested in accordance with international standards so that you, as the architect or builder, can choose an Ulfcar floor that lives up to the demands of each individual construction. In many cases the fire requirements are exceeded.
Office chairs
In many offices, there’s a fair amount of rolling back and forth over the course of a day. Ulfcar floors have been tested to resist this traffic so that the beautiful office floors aren’t compromised by wear and tear.
Smooth or Non-Slip
The practical requirements connected with industrial floors are many. One situation can demand a very smooth surface while another calls for the highest possible non-slip qualities. ULFCAR can supply floors, which fulfill all these requirements, from one extreme to the other, so that the working day is safe - and smooth...
Resistant to chemicals
In those industries where chemicals are used, a floor must live up to very stringent demands. It must be acid and base proof and must be able to be cleaned thoroughly. ULFCAR flooring is made from a range of man.made materials which can be combined so that they effectively fulfill the individual customer's requirements with regard to chemical resistance. In short: ULFCAR has the floor that lives up to all your expectations...
Extremely hard-wearing
An industrial floor must be able to put up with frequent traffic. The same applies to floors in shops, large kitchens, bakeries, butchers, etc. An ULFCAR floor is a solid foundation everywhere and is extremely hard-wearing. A worthwhile, long-term investment, which will ensure solid ground under your feet for many years to come...
Heat resistance
A floor must also be able to withstand heat-producing production processes or intensive cleaning at high temperatures. ULFCAR flooring can be supplied in an extremely heat-resistant version which can withstand very high temperatures...
In many areas - from the food industry to high-tech companies - hygiene is a high priority. Here, floor coverings are, in every respect, the foundation. ULFCAR flooring is very often chosen on the basis of its many an excellent hygienic qualities. With ULFCAR you don't need a plate - you can eat directly from the floor...
Withstands heavy loads
Apart from intensive use, an industrial floor must also, in many industries, be able to withstand severe mechanical influences. The various man-made materials, which are present in an ULFCAR floor, are combined to produce an underlay, which can withstand even the toughest industrial treatment. With an ULFCAR floor, everything is as easy as winking...
Complete watertight
Any liquids which may come from the production process or which may be used in connection with the cleaning of the floor, must be drained off quickly and effectively. This requires a floor which is absolutely watertight and which can be laid with seamless drainage. ULFCAR is the solution...
Fast curing
In many modern production units, down time is an important issue. Delays are costly and flooring repairs must be done without disturbing production. ULFCAR can provide flooring solutions with rapid curing properties. After only two hours of curing, the surface is ready for further activities. Ready in no time - to last a lifetime...
Ulfcar floors can be delivered in any colour so that you, as the architect or builder, can let the floor contribute to the overall design of the building. The individual Ulfcar floor types come in a range of standard colours but can be delivered in any specific hue of your choosing
With the nice soft coating of the Ulfcar Comfort series, two important functions are achieved. Firstly, they absorb hard shocks so that your back isn’t unnecessarily burdened. Secondly, they are soundproof so that the noise of steps doesn’t resound throughout the building. That they look great too is just an added bonus!
Acoustics play an important part in how people thrive indoors. The type of flooring is a significant factor in the amount of sound reflected in a room, concrete floors being the most notorious culprits. Ulfcar flooring solutions that carry this brand absorb sound, contributing to the creation of a pleasant indoor environment®
Free of smells and VOC
Most Ulfcar flooring solutions can be made with raw materials that do not contain volatile organic compounds. This is not just an advantage as the first jointless floor is laid out, but also in relation to future maintenance and repairs. Thus, VOC free flooring solutions are the obvious choice for offices, halls, and places where food is being processed.
Chock resistant
Generally, the thicker the floor, the more resistant the floor is to heavy and sharp objects, impacts, shocks and dropped objects. Ulfcar® delivers floor solutions to everything from school building to offices, shopping and sports centers to heavy industry with heavy wear and tough industrial treatment.

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