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Polycrete® CMC

Polyaspartic Colored Matt Coat

Product description
Polycrete®CMC is a two component, matt aliphatic polyaspartic coating. It provides excellent abrasion resistance, improved scratch resistance and a matt finish.

Fields of application
Polycrete® CMC is designed for use as a matt UV stabile durable topcoat for polyurethane and epoxy coating systems.

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Features and benefits

  • Consistent, slightly textured matt finish

  • Durable

  • Improves scratch resistance and abrasion resistance

  • UV-resistant

  • Good adhesion to non-porous substrates

  • Low viscosity

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Substrate preparation
The surface to be applied Polycrete® CMC AS must be clean and dry.

Application should be made within 24 hours after installation of the sub layer.

Polycrete®CMC is supplied in prepacked units. Before mixing, Polycrete® SLR should be homogenized by gentle stirring. Precondition both A and B components to a temperature of approximately 15 to 20°C.

Pour the entire contents of part B into the container of part A. Mix with a low speed (ca.300 rpm) electric drill and paddle for at least 3 minutes until homogeneous. Scrape the sides and the bottom of the container several times during mixing to ensure complete mixing. Keep the mixing head submerged to avoid entrapping air.

Do not work out of the original container. Decant the mixed material into a fresh container and remix for another minute.

Always work wet-in-wet otherwise you risk getting visible roller marks.

Use a max. 40 cm wide short haired roller and start in the middle of one of the short sides of the floor. Dip the roller in the mixed material and apply a strip of Polycrete® CMC parallel to the wall next to one of the corners. Dip the roller in the material again and apply as a path from the starting point and out of the other corner. Go back and repeat these steps while overlapping the first track with a few centimetres.

With a new roller scroll backwards without stopping from one corner to the next. Offset roller with 10 to 20 cm and roll to
the opposite wall without stopping. Always roll in same direction to avoid visual differences.

By using this method, the period between overlaps should not exceed 1-4 minutes, and visible roller marks will be minimized. Depending on the application method and the consumption, Polycrete@ CMC appears with a slightly structured surface. This has no influence on the final properties of the coating.

The curing time of the material is influenced by the ambient, material and substrate temperatures. At low temperatures, the chemical reactions are slowed down; this lengthens the pot life, open time and curing times. High temperatures speed up the chemical reactions thus the time frames mentioned above are shortened accordingly. To fully cure, the material, substrate and application temperature should not fall below the minimum.

The temperature of the substrate must be at least 3°C above the dew point both during the application and for at least 8 hours after application (at 15° C).

POLYCRETE® CMC: Typically 0.05– 0.15 kg/m2 per layer.

Do not exceed the recommended use.

Cleaning agent
Tools must be cleaned immediately after use with Ulfcar® Tool Cleaner or other suitable solvent.

Polycrete®CMCS is supplied in 10 kg. Polycrete® CMC is used with Polycrete® MC hardener in appropriate quantity.

Minimum 12 months stored in original containers under dry conditions at a temperature between 15-20°C. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Technical data for Liquid material

Mixing Ratio A:B 10 kg : 2 kg
Mixed density 1,07 kg/l
Mixed Viscosity@23°CBrookfield DV-II100 cP
Working time@23°C 20 minutes
Ready for traffic@23°C 2 hours
Fully cured 23°C 24 hours
Substrate temperature Min 5°C max 30°C
Max relative humidity Max 85 %

Technical data cured material

Property Method Values
Thickness   0,05-0,1 mm
SHORE D hardness DIN 53505 75
Tensile strength DIN 53504  
Elongation at Break DIN 53504 >50%
Crack bridging ability   >1 mm
Temperature resistance   Max 90°C
Water penetration   Impervious
Chemical Resistance   See separate datasheet
Adhesion to concrete BS/EN 24614 >1,5 MPa
Abrasion resistance EN 1504-2 <50 mg
Impact resistance EN 1504-2 Class II
Fire classification EN 1504-2 n.a.

This information and all further technical advice is based on our present knowledge and experience. However, it implies no liability or other legal responsibility on our part, including with regard to existing third party intellectual property rights, especially patent rights. In particular, no warranty, whether express or implied, or guarantee of product properties in the legal sense is intended or implied. We reserve the right to make any changes according to the technological progress or further developments. The customer is not released from the obligation to conduct carefull inspection and testing of incoming goods. Performance of the product described herein should be verified by testing, which should be carried out by only qualified experts in the sole responsibility of a customer. Please contact ULFCAR for the latest version. All our documents, offers, ect. are in association with our general sales, delivery and application conditions.


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