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Polycrete® TCR

Colored Polyol Emulsion

Product description

Polycrete® TCR is a waterborne, polyol emulsion containing color pigments.

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Features and benefits

  • In-colored Polem A.
  • Packed for suitable set size.

Fields of application

Polycrete® TCR is used  for 3-component polyurethane top coat systems.


Polycrete® TCR is supplied in 2,75 kg units. 


Minimum 12 months stored in original containers under dry conditions at a temperature between 15-20°C. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Should be shaken prior to use. Do not subject to temperatures below 5°C.

Technical data for Liquid material

OH-Value 80 mg KOH/g
Density 1,02 g/ml
Viscosity 500-800 cP
Solid content 73 %

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